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"The miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have"

The PiPHi Network is a global distributed data collection platform making it easier than ever for beginners, hobbyists, and DIY veterans alike to visualize and get the most out of their environmental data sensors & monitors. PiPhi Network aims to be a leader in this emerging field backed by its inexpensive and widely available selection of supported hardware, sensors, and data types. This allows individuals & communities to collect, monitor, and share the environmental data that is important to them. Beyond access and visualization of data, PiPhi Network software is also in the testing phase of smart home integration via Home Assistant. PiPhi Network community members will enjoy the optional feature to share their collected data with our global network & data explorer in exchange for access to the database which will be awarded in the form of a utility token. This utility token acts as a voucher for accessing an online data mapping system & database, providing a valuable tool for individuals, communities, academic researchers, government agencies, environmental impact analysts, and many more. At the core of PiPhi Network lies the powerful and versatile Raspberry Pi, which acts as a hub for users to connect their choice of PiPhi Network compatible high quality, inexpensive, and widely available sensors.


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