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PiPhi Network is a platform for Smart Home and environmental data. Built on the Algorand Blockchain, providing a seamless visualisation and smart home integration platform. Join a community full of entry level tinkers and DIY enthusiast, earn PNT to build, integrate, and develop the PiPhi Network ecosystem.

Our Mission

PiPhi is dedicated to reshaping smart living by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance convenience, sustainability, and comfort. Through innovations in SmartHome sensors, SDR support, and simplified tokenomics, we're not just pioneering a revolution—we're driving energy cost savings. Our vision is to build a community of forward-thinkers embracing a smarter future where technology serves humanity effortlessly. Join us on this transformative journey as we shape the future of intelligent living while serving the environment.

PiPhi Dashboards

Multi-Sensor data collection repository focused on the integrity and variability of different data points
Hyper localized datapoints built on an H3 hex-grid for accurate data.
Borderless data accessibility and a centralized platform for visualization and analytics
Transform your home or business into a seamlessly integrated, off the shelf, home automation system


Roadmap Estimates
  1. Live Mainnet token on Algorand Blockchain

  2. Implementation of Tokenomics Version 2.0

  3. New Website Release

    Redesign of the PiPhi Network Webpage

  4. Developer Plugin System for Integrations Ecosystem Beta

    Framework that allows developers to apply for plugin certificate/license that would allow for custom plugin integration development.

  5. Remote Visualization Via PiPhi Network Mobile App Beta

    Development of mobile app for PiPhi Network users

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